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ok time for a story about my friend fred
well my friend fred was on call of duty u know kicking ass taking names then he looks at the score not only are they losing but there getting raped so he finds out who is fucking up the game with the lack of skills well on the mic a kid keeps saying man im dying a lot well the kid is sniping on this level where u can just throw a rock and hit someone on the other side but any fred keeps yelling at the brat to switch and not be a sniper well like all no talent newbs on call of duty he refuses so this goes on for a few matches and this kid terrible i mean fucking terrible and finally fred just start threwing the f-bombs and then the kids dad gets on and starts yelling at fred well at this point fred is pretty fucking pissed

so he gets into it with the guy and tells him where he works and says come down there and ill kick your ass(time for a brief sidenote:fred is a nice calm fun loving guy until u give him a controller then all hell breaks lose and he rans bloody vengeance down on all he sees but his short and pudgy so in a actual fight not so fearsome) well fred goes to work the next day and some aggro guys walks in a says which one of you motherfuckers is [xbox user name deleted] and fred goes oh shit and runs to the back of mcdonalds and finds his friend heath (a large black man from freds discription) and ask him to go up and say he is [xbox user name deleted] well his friend just laughs and calls him a pussy then fred offers to cover one of his shifts and well he goes up there and gets right in the dudes face and says im [xbox user name deleted] what the fuck are u gonna do about it and the dude just stares and says nothing and runs off and fred is saved from a assbeating from a pissed off dad and has one extra shift to do and the moral of the story is dont pick fights with noobs unless u have a big black friend to kick some ass for you

xbox troubles lol

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